Temporary Work and Human Resource Management

Training Human Resources

Training is the cornerstone of personal development.

It is through training that both employees and entrepreneurs reveal their innovative skills, which are crucial for the growth of any company.

It is through training that all of us are able to find ways to meet our goals, by building the bridges or drafting the plans that are necessary to shape and bring together solid and homogeneous work teams that are nonetheless able to maintain their diversity.

So, in addition to being a legal obligation, training has become an investment that all companies are required to make. And this investment has a guaranteed return.

We proceed with the preparation of a diagnosis together with the customer; we prepare the training plan according to specific needs; we outline all the resources that are necessary for the training that will be conducted; we conduct the training inside or outside the work context; we assess the training; we issue certificates for all course participants.

All our trainers are duly qualified, according to the prevailing legislation, to design and implement training courses.

We prepare custom-made training projects that are funded by the relevant authorities.

We help the customer with the preparation of the technical and pedagogical file and the balance file.