Temporary Work and Human Resource Management

Managing Human Resources

The fast-paced changes we've been witnessing in the employment world and in society as a whole result in the need for the constant presence of experts.

Organizational Social Psychology, Industrial Sociology, among other sciences that are associated with these phenomena, are not able to bring about the necessary changes on their own.

This interdisciplinary subject needs to be addressed and interpreted by experts with a recognized standing and experience.

Considering each company's specific axiology, we interpret the values of its organizational culture as a rich source that is able to foster the development of new stages.

Thus, by providing integrated advice in the Human Resources field, we offer your company a range of crucial services, such as:

- Support in the application of Labour Laws, namely CBAs and EAs, or any other instruments in force. If necessary, we can proceed with the preparation and negotiation of mutual agreements, as well as outplacement plans;

- Preparation of a diagnosis focused on your company's organizational environment; description, analysis and qualification of positions; we create, organize and audit your company's Human Resources department, Staff Service and Social Services. Administrative staff management (wages, contracts, social security, etc.);

- We design the welcome manual, which is crucial for any company;

- We organize social services, such as minimarkets, canteens, libraries, curative medicine services, occupational medicine services and OSHS services.